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MassarTech is a cutting-edge mobile app generator that simplifies app development. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop tools, anyone can create high-quality mobile apps for iOS and Android.


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The Chalange

Business owners, driven by innovative ideas and a desire to expand their digital presence, often found themselves hindered by the technical intricacies of mobile app development. The challenges included the high cost of hiring developers, time-consuming processes, and a steep learning curve associated with coding languages.

What did
Flojics Technology do

Flojics eliminates the coding barrier with its user-friendly drag-and-drop tools, making app development accessible to all. The platform streamlines the process, reducing time and cost, and supports app creation for both iOS and Android platforms.

Key Features of MassartTech:

  1. Dashboard Management with MassarTech App Maker:

    • At a glance, oversee all operations from the dashboard.
    • Monitor metrics such as push notifications sent and customer app usage.
  2. User Management with MassarTech App Maker:

    • Manage users and associated apps from the backend.
    • Control login permissions and app-building capabilities for each user.
  3. User Roles with MassarTech:

    • Create and customize roles for users within the CMS.
    • Define access levels to specific CMS features and app pages.
  4. App Translation with MassarTech App Maker:

    • Utilize the multi-lingual capabilities of the CMS.
    • Install language packages or add new languages with a single click, translating content easily.
  5. App Previewer with MassarTech App Maker:

    • Offer users a live testing experience with the Previewer App.
    • Customize the pre-made app with branding elements for a premium service (Paid module).
  6. Automatic APK & iOS Publishing with MassarTech App Maker:

    • Eliminate manual app generation hassles.
    • Automatically build and publish APK for Android (commercial editions) and iOS (paid module).
  7. Payment Gateways with MassarTech App Maker:

    • In the Platform Edition, integrate multiple payment gateways.
    • Enable clients to pay subscriptions through platforms such as Paypal, 2Checkout, or Stripe.
  8. Invoices & Subscriptions with MassarTech App Maker:

    • In the Platform Edition, automate invoicing and subscription management.
    • Charge clients based on predefined pricing plans and generate invoices seamlessly.
  9. Feature Previews with MassarTech App Maker:

    • Enhance CMS user experience with preview popups.
    • Allow users to preview app features before integration, duplicating previews in multiple languages.

The Results

Flojics stands as a revolutionary force, enabling entrepreneurs to bring their app ideas to life effortlessly, marking a paradigm shift in the accessibility and simplicity of mobile app development.

Success Stories: Local businesses, including restaurants and e-commerce ventures, faced the challenge of expanding their digital presence cost-effectively.

Ministry of Water’s Ticketing System:

MassartTech platform enabled the Ministry to swiftly create a customized mobile app using drag-and-drop tools, improving operations and public communication.

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