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Welcome to our team of super enthusiastic, highly efficient and technically challenged professional developers and designers. We have a strong development team working with the latest and strongest technology on the market. Also we keep our team up to date with new technologies.

What Do We Do?

We provide a range of services, including website design, Web development, Erp services and E-marketing. We are dedicated to provide a very high quality service. It all starts with a thorough plan. We work very closely with our clients. We listen, we understand, we analyse, we advise where appropriate and we just take it from there.


Flojics has a great portfolio, everything from large applications to small applications. Flojics has clients from all over the world. We are known by intelligence, productivity, innovation, quality, self-development, efficiency, creativity, punctuality…

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Our works & Clients

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Creative & Design

We always believe that creative design is one of the most important things in any work because it is what the customer will see in the end. It must contain creative touches in order to attract customers and engage any audience. We provide creative services such as logo design, web design, et


Accelerate your work by doing an application that helps people get what they need form their mobiles. We develop applications for Android, iPhone and other devices. We have great experience in applications through our use of methods and strategies in work awhich ensures high and accurate results.

Web Development

Run your online business on the Internet by owning a website. We provide services to our clients in web development, including informational website of corporates, e-commerce sites and e-learning sites, as well as sites that rely on an idea and we do custom solution based on the requirements of the client.

Digital Marketing

We will do that challenge instead of you!
We will increase your potential customers through e-marketing by targeting people who use the Internet through the computers, tablets or mobile devices as well as placing your ads in the sites and applications they use.







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We love clean design and advanced digital solutions.

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13 Khalil Motran St. Saba Pasha – Alexandria – Egypt.
Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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