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ButlerFM stands at the forefront of facility management software, providing a holistic solution for in-house janitorial providers, maintenance teams, and commercial cleaning businesses. The platform offers a plethora of features, including time tracking, inspections, messaging, QR code-based tracking (Scan4Clean), inventory management, work order management, work loading & bidding, checklists & instructions, scheduling, employee performance tracking, robust reporting, and seamless integrations with payroll and invoicing software.


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The Chalange

Our client, a prominent commercial cleaning business, faced multifaceted challenges in their janitorial operations, including:

  1. Time Tracking: Inefficient timekeeping processes led to inaccuracies in employee work hours, impacting payroll and overall operational efficiency.

  2. Quality Service Assurance: Ensuring consistent and high-quality service across multiple locations proved challenging without a standardized inspection and feedback system.

  3. Communication and Transparency: Limited communication tools hindered real-time collaboration between staff and customers, leading to a lack of historical tracking for needs and concerns.

  4. Service Visibility: The absence of a robust system for tracking services performed and communicating cleaning activities left clients in the dark about the company’s performance.

  5. Resource Management: Difficulty in managing inventory and work orders resulted in hoarding, potential product shortages, and increased operational costs.

What did
Flojics Technology do

ButlerFM’s comprehensive suite of features directly addressed these challenges, providing innovative solutions to elevate janitorial operations:

  1. Time Tracking: Multiple ways to clock in and out ensure an easy-to-use timekeeping solution, improving accuracy and streamlining payroll processes.

  2. Inspections: Custom inspections and feedback mechanisms empower staff to perform and document quality service consistently.

  3. Messaging: Live chat and picture sharing enhance communication with staff and customers, with historical tracking of needs and concerns.

  4. Scan to Clean (QR Code): QR codes facilitate tracking of services performed, alert clients to cleaning activities, and provide visibility into performance.

  5. Inventory Management: Efficiently manage inventory, eliminating hoarding and preventing product shortages while tracking usage throughout facilities.

  6. Work Order Management: Track special projects, manage services, and plan work routines while viewing costs and profitability.

  7. Work Loading & Bidding: Document and share service expectations and critical building data to assure compliance with service agreements.

  8. Checklists & Instructions: Assign job checklists with location specifics, ensuring the team knows what needs to be completed at each location.

  9. Scheduling: Manage employee schedules with location-specific reminders for efficient workforce management.

  10. Employee Performance: Conduct customizable performance reviews, gathering information saved to the employee record.

  11. Reporting: Utilize live-time reporting features for operational decisions, including reports on inspections, quality, invoices, and supplies.

  12. Integrations: Seamless integration with payroll and invoicing software streamlines data entry and eliminates manual dual entry.

The Results

By implementing ButlerFM’s comprehensive suite of features, Cleaning companies successfully overcame their operational challenges, achieving improved efficiency, transparency, and overall excellence in janitorial service delivery. The integrated solution not only addressed existing pain points but also provided a foundation for sustained growth and client satisfaction.

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