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    Flojics is a digital agency with more than a decade of experience in the development of B2C and B2B applications focusing on RTC, Data Analytics, e-Learning, and AdTech. We offer outsourced and custom web applications with reliable user experience and unbeatable performance. Our dedicated team of web application development has delivered numerous web applications across different industries including baking, telecommunication, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.
    We tend to use the latest technologies for web application development. The manner in which we distribute business logic among a backend and a front-end is different for each web application. This technique demands through and skillful architecture planning that assists in getting the required balance instability and interactivity.

    Front-end development

    Flojics is a creative agency that updates itself with the latest trends in the frontend development for meeting the enhancing user needs for visual appeal and simplicity. For making the web applications interactive, powerful, stylish, and intuitive, we tend to work with a vast degree of technologies including languages like JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, Ajax etc. and frameworks like Foundation, Bootstrap, MeteorJS, ReactJS, Backbone, and AngularJS.

    Back-end development

    We tend to define our tools of back-end development according to the requirements of our clients and establish durable and robust back-ends. For further convenience and administration, we provide customization and deployment of an appropriate system of content management. The languages in this regard include JavaScript, Java, PHP, NET, and Python, and frameworks incorporate Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Express, and Spring.