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    One of Flojics’s notable services over the years is the IT Consulting Services. Our creative agency ensures to provide best consultancy and solutions for IT problems facing your organizations. Flojics’s IT Consulting services can add value to the businesses by offering architecture, strategy, integration, and implementation services to assist build, plan, innovate, and improve your IT structure. We offer these services across a wide range of technologies like cloud, mobility, IT sourcing, sustainability, data sourcing, network, security, and communications.

    We provide IT strategy and integration services covering the domains as well as the deliver models to assist you in creating innovative solutions and optimizing your IT environment. We work with you to create holistic solutions that would integrate the new technologies. We tend to identify the required alterations to the IT infrastructure. Our consultancy services include a few key services including the following:

    Strategy Consultation

    Architecture Consultation

    Integration and Implementation Services

    We are a professional team with a notable expertise in technical and business operations. From requirement collection to IT infrastructure method, we offer a complete range of consultancy services and assist in taking hassles out of your projects of IT. We provide best advice and guidance to our clients. We can guide and support your in-house personnel whenever there is a requirement to achieve objective and external guidance. We also offer impartial guidance in numerous business and technical areas.

    Our IT Consultancy services include three important features:

    IT Application Specification

    When you do not find what you are seeking, you can talk to us to figure out how to reduce the risks and get the best out of your projects. Prior to commencing the procurement of the new application, it is crucial to establish a specification plan that is supported by all organizational areas.

    IT Support and Management

    To make sure that the right strategy has been implemented that fits your organizational objectives, talk to us for achieving our assistance. We resolve your challenge of supporting and managing your IT infrastructure. We provide you suitable recommendations on how to best manage your IT infrastructure.

    IT Procurement

    We assist you in almost every aspect of IT management including IT Procurement. Procurement of the IT personnel can be highly challenging. However, our expert staff would give you a decent advice as a robust procurement procedure can minimize your buying costs while making sure that the things you procure are the ones that fulfill your purpose.